Bought a new Linux SBC today.

The NanosG20 SBC comes from and seems to be better than Olimex SBC’s, being built with a newer AT91SAM9G20 microcontroller and offering a already patched kernel ver. 2.6.35 together with Debian distro for a price of of merely 99 EUR (+VAT)!

There is an alternative SBC coming from taskit – PortuxG20, but it is more expensive (179 EUR).

SAM9-L9260 or SAM9-L9261 from Olimex are quite expensive (resp. 139.95 and 299.95). The latter offers an TFT display interface, and both do not reach the performance of taskit or ledato SBC’s.

All considered SBC’s have robust 2.54 mm pinheaders and DB9 connectors for heavy-duty HW interfaces (the rest are standard mini-USB and RJ45).